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Explore its journey, how and who discovered it, and how it evolved throughout the centuries into today's chocolate. Enjoy tasting 'single estate' chocolates like fine wine, or maybe bring your favorite Cabernet or Chablis. We'll pair it with Mokaya dark, Mangaro milk or Elianza white with a French inspired lunch or dinner— taste, see and discover!

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burlington times

February 12, 2015
Thank you so much Alan for the photo and for a great experience on Tuesday!! I have received numerous comments from the attendees saying it was such an enjoyable afternoon. And it really was! You were very welcoming and informative in a friendly but professional manner and very well organized. I see why people want to come back for another visit. And thank you, again, for the luncheon at a discount, it worked out so well! I know that Jacques wanted to supply a basket for our March 7 event just a few days before that date but our chairperson would really appreciate receiving it within the next week if possible. I assume it would not contain anything perishable and we promise to keep it refrigerated if needed until our event if necessary. Would you be able to ask him if this is possible? I am happy to come and pick it up whenever convenient between not and say the middle of next week. My cell number, if needed, is 609-458-0175. I will be recommending your 'chocolate museum experience' to everyone! And everything was so delicious (including the bars I bought that day and have already sampled!
– Becky Levy

January 31, 2015
Alan, Hello! I just had to thank you again for the wonderful field trip you hosted yesterday! I sent in the survey, which I'm sure you'll see, but I wanted to officially thank you for our tour. It was educational, and fun, and delicious, and easy to arrange, all because of you. From the start of planning to the last tantalizing chocolate chip, it was truly one of the best trips we've taken in nearly a decade of homeschooling. And thank you as well for your generous gift of the Michel Cluizel book! I love to read, and chocolate is, by far, my favorite food (my family knows my motto -- if it's not chocolate, it's not dessert!), so it would be an ideal souvenir regardless. However, when I got home and started paging through, I also saw how engaging and educational it is -- also some of my favorite things. I can't wait to read it with my daughter, and as we do, we'll be remembering your kindness, and all we learned and tasted during our visit. :) I've posted information about the tour to two local homeschool email lists, so I hope you get some more homeschoolers at the museum soon. Merci beaucoup! :) Best,
– Lisa

November 14, 2014
Merci Alan for the picture. The presentation was great and we had a wonderful time. My students appreciated the experience and we look forward to our next visit. I'm definitely coming back with a group of my friends and colleagues soon. Would dinner be an option? Merci,
– Bouchra

November 19, 2014
Dear Alan, You beat me to it. I wanted to write you first to tell you what a wonderful time all of us had today. We always have fun but I think we'll be talking about our day at the Cluizel Chocolatrium for a long time. Of course your charm was largely responsible for our enjoyment. Everything we tasted was so delicious that we are all looking for retail outlets for Cluizel products. I am sure I speak for all of us when I say, "Thank you for a lovely day." Sincerely,
– Inez Recupido
P.S. The picture is great, too.

December 16, 2014
Dear Alan, We had an enjoyable time at the Chocolatrium today! Not only was the tour informative and the chocolates delicious, your pleasant manner towards the group added to the pleasure of the day. Thank you for your many kindnesses and best wishes for a happy holiday season. Yours with appreciation,
– Peggy Wysocki

November 26, 2014
Good morning Alan! I just opened my email and was greeted with your wonderful picture and fine words. Thank you so much for a fabulous tour! Everyone was very impressed with your presentation and we all loved the taste of your very delicious treats! I will be sure to spread the word to other communities about your place and encourage them to bring their residents there for a tour. I wish you and your family and wonderful thanksgiving and the happiest of holidays!
– Kathy Kathy Graham, Resident Programs Coordinator

November 14, 2014
Hi Alan We all had a great time today!! I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our time with you today. Our lunch, our learning, and my personal favorite .....our tasting were all interesting and enjoyable.This was mainly due to you and the presentation of your delicious chocolate .You kept us entertained all during our visit.It seems that you truly enjoy your product and the entire Michel Cluziel organization. Once again many thanks,
– Shelley and the Divas

November 11, 2014
Alan, Our tour was absolutely wonderful. Everyone had positive comments. Your presentation was so informative and fun. And of course, the chocolate - incomparable. I have passed on the information to our Assisted Living department and you may be hearing from them. Thank you again,
– Marion Norcross

November 4, 2014
Thank you so much for the really splendid experience at the Chocolatrium.We all agreed that you were really an excellent tour guide. we thoroughly enjoyed the tastings,the lunch and the learning experience.Thank you too for the photograph. I'll see that all participants receive a copy. Ann Minnium.
– Medford Lakes Garden Club

October 31, 2014
Dear Alan, Thank you so much for the picture, the ladies are delighted with the photo. We all thoroughly enjoyed the Chocolatrium tour and your enlightening details of the cocoa process and the background of the company. According to our local paper, you will be at the Porch Club in Riverton so possibly some of our members who missed our tour will attend and check out what they missed. Regards,
– Helen Scanlon

July 25, 2014
Dear Alan, Thank you so very much for a delightful and professional tour of Michel Cluizel Chocolatrium--- we Hill residents thought it was THE BEST trip this year!! We thoroughly enjoyed your history of chocolate making, the process of beans to bars, and the delicious lunch with pastry and chocolate tasting!! The strong, good values established Mr. Cluizel are a delight to see in today’s “crazy” society…and we are so happy that we shared the day together. Bill, Amy & I look forward to visiting the Damville facility next time we visit with our French cousins in Normandy! Again, our many thanks for such a special presentation--- fondly, the Lutzes…& all the Hill residents
– Jan Lutz

July 14, 2014
Alan, Thank you so much for a very lovely afternoon. I think everyone enjoyed the education and the tastings! I know the woman sitting next to me is coming back. She was taking copious notes since she was a food taster or something in the field, in a previous life's adventure. And I'll have to see if the chocolate recommendation is helping Cassandra to sleep. Thank you also for the picture! Now on another subject, the two women that showed up, were originally scheduled for the June 26 the trip. Not sure where the confusion occurred. But I wanted to see if since we already paid for the both of them if you might be able to extend a gift certificate of sorts for them to come back on another date. Just let me know if you might be able to do anything for them. Thanks again! Had a really wonderful time and a lovely afternoon chocolate buzz.
– Denice Flynn

July 1, 2014
Hello Alan, We had an amazing time! Thanks so much for your hospitality. We'll work on planning another trip in the future. If you are interested in doing a presentation in our community, please get in touch. Regards,
– Ruth

June 10, 2014
Dear Allan, Thank you so much for your kind words and for giving us such an enjoyable and informative tour of Michel Cluizel last week. I have received such positive feedback from all of the girls and parents who attended - we learned so much about cocoa and the chocolate making process. And we all agreed that it was the best chocolate we ever tasted! Thank you again for your help and support! Regards, Diane Pantano Leader, Cadette Troop #22323
P.S. - we hope to come back this summer at a convenient time to see the factory operations!

June 5, 2014
Hi Alan. Everyone had a great time yesterday.It went beyond our expectations!.You were an excellent guide/teacher & very personable&engaging. I will definitely highly recommend this tour to others. I loved my gifts. My husband already sampled some & really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for the great pictures. Tell Judith she is a good photographer. I enjoyed meeting you also after all our phone conversations.I hope to return in the future for the wine pairings. Thanks for everything.
– Ilene Shapiro

May 28, 2014
Bonjour a notre amis a Michel Cluizel en New Jersey! What can I say for a presentation well done chocolate style?! C'est merveilleux! From our welcome team Jaques, Alan and quite delicious hot drinking chocolate through the tour of the Chocolatrium Tuesday evening, my friends and I enjoyed quite an educational, fun and delicious experience at your South Jersey home. I am grateful for finding you- another 'must see' adventure in South Jersey- and sharing in your life's work of chocolate passion. A bientot! Merci beau coup! Most appreciative, Donna Rosato & my dear chocolate companions
– Donna Rosato

May 21, 2014
Cher M. Green, Yesterday was absolutely fabulous. We sent a picture to Gino who tweeted out the event. Please look for a large envelope that should arrive by Friday. Each student wrote a personal thank you. They are divided between yourself and Jacques. The students were still on cloud nine today. They loved every part of the experience that you offered them. Thank you so much, We are already looking forward to next year!!! Merci, A la prochaine fois, French and Spanish Teacher, Haddonfield High School Haddonfield Middle School,
– Jeanne Augugliaro

April 8, 2014
Alan, Thank you! We had a wonderful time and can not thank you enough for the fantastic tour and absolutely delicious chocolates and pastries as well as the lunch. I have received incrediably positive feedback from the students. I did a follow up lesson today and those who did not attend the field trip were very jealous. We will definitely be back next year and I hope to include the Spanish classes at West as well!
– Ann Cottone, French teacher, Cherry Hill High School West

April 7, 2014
Alan, I want to thank you and Jacques for such an enjoyable--and delicious--lunch/tour yesterday. Kevin loved it, as did the rest of our family. What a wonderful way to celebrate his first 50 years! Your warmth, knowledge and hospitality made it a very memorable event. We're looking forward to tasting the various chocolates we brought home. I'm sure we'll be back for more! Cheers,
– Chris Christina Good, Executive Director, The Pennsylvania Council for International Education ( PaCIE)

May 16, 2014
Hi Alan. Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon and your charming attitude to a group of ladies that were so impressed with all of your knowledge and kindness in sharing it with them. We do appreciate your patience and time in making us aware of the history of one of our favorite treats. The samples were so delicious and we will certainly be singing the praises of your products for many months and future conversations with family and friends...
Alan be sure to open the Jacquie Lawson card I have sent you thru e mail.

Please know you received high praise from The Blushing Violets and we don't give our five star rating lightly

Hoping to meet with you again in the near future.So looking forward to receiving the picture that Julia was kind enough to take. at your direction. Best Wishes and Good Fortune to you and Noble Ingredients.
– Queen Mum Edna.

Karen Rogers & Melissa Magee from ABC's FYI!

We're located at:
Cooper Run Executive Park
(Behind Best Friend's Pet Care)

575 Route 73 North • Building D • West Berlin, NJ 08091 • 856-486-9292
*GPS course use: 118 Cooper Road, West Berlin NJ

chocolate map
Our Yummy Tours...
Our goal is for you to have a unique and enjoyable experience. Therefore, we can adjust your tour and menus below.
Chocolate Making
Introduction of Chocolate
• Bean to bar process, dark, milk, white
• Tasting of Minigrammes used in   chocolate making process
• Learning processing conditions
• Tools
• Temp

• Making dipped Oreos (2)
• Making plain lollipops (3)
• Making customized Bar (1)
• Macaron or Pastry Tasting

• Molding technique
• Bonbons dipping with
  (transfer sheet technique)
• Mini faconnables to fill with
  Praliné or Caramel
• Tasting
• Certificate / Picture

$35 pp
Minimum 12 guests, maximum 18.


Full Guided Tour
• History of chocolate
• The process of beans to bars
• Tasting of 'Single-Estate' chocolates

Chocolate & Pastry Tasting:
2 chocolate truffles
   (1 ganache, 1 praliné)
1 French macaron
1 mini French pastry

$15 pp, (1 free chaperon)
minimum ten guests.
*No evening tours.

Full Guided Tour
– History of chocolate
– The process of beans to bars
– Tasting of 'Single-Estate' chocolates

• Dinner
• White table service
• Desserts farandole
Bring your favorite wine!

*6:30pm - 10:00pm
$40pp, (plus 10% gratuity)
minimum twenty guests.

Chocolate Lover

Full Guided Tour
• History of chocolate
• The process of beans to bars
• Tasting of 'Single-Estate' chocolates

A unique Chocolate & Pastry Tasting:
1 hot chocolate tasting
2 chocolate truffles
   (1 ganache, 1 praliné)
1 French macaron
2 mini French pastries

$19 pp, (1 free chaperon)
minimum ten guests.
*After 5:30pm, $29pp,
  minimum 20 guests.

Short Guided Tour
– The process of beans to bars
– Tasting of 'Single-Estate' chocolates

Chocolate & Pastry Tasting:
dark chocolate
milk chocolate
white chocolate
2 chocolate truffles
   (1 ganache, 1 praliné)
1 French macaron
Bring your favorite wine!

$29pp, (1 free chaperon)
minimum 20 guests,
*day or evening.

Chocolate Lover w/ Lunch
Full Guided Tour
• History of chocolate
• The process of beans to bars
• Tasting of 'Single-Estate' chocolates

A unique Gourmet Tasting:
1 hot chocolate tasting
2 chocolate truffles
   (1 ganache, 1 praliné)
1 French macaron
2 mini French pastries
Light lunch

$29 pp, (1 free chaperon)
excludes chaperon lunch
minimum ten guests.

Full Guided Tour
– History of chocolate
– The process of beans to bars
– Tasting of 'Single-Estate' chocolates

• Petits fours, (mini French pastries)
• Birthday cake
• Coffee
• Tea
• Water

$450 up to 15 guests,
add'l guests $20 pp.

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